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Hi there, my name is Daniel.
I am a graphic designer and letter artist. I have graduated from Esdi, Brazil's first ever design school. Over the past years I've become proficient in calligraphy, lettering and typography, learning with masters from all over the world.

I have studied abroad at the Cambridge School of Art, where I've specialized in typography. I was awarded a typography intensive internship at Dalton Maag; was an intern at Finland's largest ad agency, Hasan & Partner's; and was a proud member of Rio de Janeiro's finest type-branding studio, Plau.

I specialize in treating letters with good care and good humor. Besides letterforms, I'm dedicated to researching the connections between improvised music and the creative process. I'm also into visual arts, comedy and japanese food.

Contact me if you need any of the following — or anything else. I'll be happy to help.

Since you're here, I'm a full-time part-time crazy lunatic musical performer. Lead entertainer in Brasil's less known best band, Exército de Bebês. We'll play anywhere from large international festivals to children's birhtday parties.

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