Vague is a surf magazine. A fictitious monthly publication about surfing. Instead of focusing on the athletic aspect of the sport, the magazine approaches it from a lifestyle angle. Vague includes articles on photography, travel, music, arts and any subject concerning the surfing universe. The publication's audience is not restricted to a single gender or location and the magazine is aimed at anyone interested in the sport.

The nature of surfing itself (one of freedom, flexibility, tranquility and lack of defined rules) influenced not only the magazine's content but also it's design. Benefitting from an incredible array of images related to the sport, the final result is a publication based on a few fundamental restraints while at the same time boasting of freedom of expression and flexibility.

Developed along with Carolina Menezes, Lucas Lima and Livia Ripamonti.

Note: articles and images in the magazine do not belong to me. This is an academic project with no comercial intention whatsoever. No copyright infringement intended.

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