Typographic Poster Competition

I received first place in the National Taichung Theatre Typographic Poster Competition. A contest organised by UKEAS, Subkarma and Dalton Maag for students of UK and Taiwan. The competition was judged by Bruno Maag of international typeface design company Dalton Maag, Taichung Minister of Culture Susan Yeh, Tony Soames of Subkarma (one of the biggest design houses in Taiwan) and John Smith of UKEAS. As a reward I was granted a three month internship at Dalton Maag, which I finished in the first quarter of 2015.

The theme for the poster was "Fantastical Metamorphosis" which was the concept behind the event for the reopening of the National Taichung Theatre in Taiwan. Dalton Maag's entire library of fonts was available to be used in the designs (you too can test drive their fonts for free by downloading the fully functional trials here).

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