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Pedro Fonte: Filme do Tempo

album cover + album packaging + film photography

Filme do Tempo is an album by Brazilian drummer and percussionist Pedro Fonte, known for his distinct and precise playing style that favors feeling over technical virtuosity. After more than a decade performing as a drummer, his debut as a composer brings in heartfelt lyrics as he curiously dives within to connect with his roots.
        The design stems from basic graphic elements associated with rhythm, such as repetition. On the cover, title and artist name are repeated to form a strong frame, emphasizing the square format. Further repetition of this pulse combined with the slanted distortion of the typography creates a tunnel vision of concentric squares that suggests an inward perspective. This logic is applied both to the CD and to the 4x4 insert, which is type set as to create an inward rotating motion.
        In Fonte's music, precision lays the foundation for groove to set in. The rigidness conveyed by the justified text boxes and strict grids, is balanced off with liquid like distortions, once more indicating concentric patterns found in sound waves and water ripples. Restricted use of color sets the tone in tune with the raw nature of the rhythmic instruments.

︎ November 2020
design Daniel Rocha and Vidi Descaves
film photography Daniel Rocha 
set dressing and styling Luisa Pollo

fonts in use Freehouse + Presley Slab

In 2020, musicians found themselves incapable of doing concerts and therefore, stripped of their main source of revenue. In the context of the quarantine, launching a physical CD package offered a way for musicians to physically connect with their listeners.
        As the compact disk media format rapidly progresses to become ultimately obsolete, the releasing of a CD is justified solely by the printed packaging which contains it. Purchasing a CD becomes a form of escaping the digital realm and connecting with the artist through the materiality of the media. Buying directly from independent artists still remains the most effective way of supporting them.
        Moreover, the printed insert provides the opportunity for the artist to give due credits for the professionals who collaborated to create the experience, restoring a healthy habit that was lost in the streaming era, since basic credits are nowhere to be seen in major platforms.



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