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Fanta Global Rebrand

brand identity + packaging design

Fanta is the second largest brand owned by The Coca-Cola Company. They reached out to JKR with the challenge of creating its first ever global brand identity, unifying Fanta's look across 180 different markets around the world. 
        As part of the team led by Lisa Smith, my role was to translate the 'Pop of Fun-ta' brand idea into every element of the brand toolkit: improving the logo; selecting an endless range of combinations for the color palette, fine tuning with print production to maintain consistency between digital and print; and setting up a system that enabled the creation of packaging for more than 100 flavors.

︎ March 2023
agency Jones Knowles Ritchie
role Designer
ECD Lisa Smith
DD Alex Boulware, Chance Medder, Jay Chapman
design Bentzion Goldman, Daniel Frumhoff, Daniel Rocha, Julia Aguiar, Paco Padilla, Patricia Watanabe
strategy Kimberly Dixon-Mays, Cole McCloskey
photography Tim Marsella, Martin Wonnacott
illustration Lucas Wakamatsu
type design Colophon

I was also responsible for establishing principles for photography, illustration and type, briefing and interfacing with vendors to craft and finesse each one of the brand assets in every stage of the project.



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