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Escoliose: Paralelismo Miúdo

Ana Frango Elétrico

book cover + book design

"Escoliose: Paralelismo Miúdo" is the first book by Grammy nominated musician, visual artist and poet from Brazil, Ana Frango Elétrico. Ana's work manifests in many forms, all of which are presented in the book, featuring a collection of poems, paintings, drawings, collages and lyrics. "Paralelismo Miúdo" translates to "Tiny Parallelism", a tagline that defines Ana's approach to poetry, searching for subtle insuspect correlations in the mundane corners of life. She is constantly playing with disorienting sensations, creating poetry and music that you can smell and taste.

︎ August 2020
design Daniel Rocha
published by Editora Garupa
produced by Modinhas, Baladas & Sonetos
product photography by Rodrigo Lins
back cover Hick Duarte

📕 13 x 20 cm, 88pp
fonts in use Vulf Mono + Vulf Sans

This synesthetic quality is what guides the design. The cover's central element is a life-size tamarind candy wrap from an all time classic brazilian treat, famous for it's hard on the mouth sweet and sour flavor. The candy's bittersweetness is a symbol for Ana's "parallelism". She would throw tamarind candies to the crowd at her concerts, inviting the audience to feel what the music tasted like. The candywrap's red checkerboard picnic-cloth design determines the book's minimal color palette, in line with her straightforward approach to poetry.
        The title is set in a squished custom lettering with an appetite appeal intention. The typeface used in the covers is Vulf Sans, the sans serif counterpart of Vulf Mono, which is used in the texts. The funky typewriter face has a musical DNA that provides just the right amount of uneasiness and sophistication to the reading. The back cover is a full bleed portrait of the author in a reference to the ordinariness of 90's commercial paperbacks.



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